Cost-Efficient High
Speed Networks

Mage Networks opens the doors of opportunity by making the Internet universally accessible everywhere.

Our technology, MagiNet™ was designed to be a flexible, cost-efficient high speed network that can be deployed anywhere. The cost to deploy  are a fraction of cost of traditional infrastructure, making it both affordable and accessible. (MagiNet™ can be feasible with as few as three subscribers in a given area.)

Pricing of our hardware units range from $500 – $1100/unit, depending on the range, configuration and functionality needed from each unit. We operate with three pricing and service models based on the needs of municipalities, Internet Service Providers and end users (*homeowners or commercial users).

If your town does not have a relationship with an ISP, we can partner with the town to administrate the infrastructure build and billings. Or, if you wish to cover an area (such as your downtown core) with free Wi-Fi, we can work directly with you. For most small towns, 8 – 10 units will cover a downtown core, providing about 1.5 km in length with continuous outdoor Wi-Fi. The municipality must provide a high speed Internet connection as a gateway, preferably at least 50 Mbps. The units are then affixed to buildings in the downtown core. Municipalities are simply billed for the equipment.

For Internet Service Providers, we offer a revenue sharing model and trade discounts to reduce the capital investment, as usually ISPs will need larger volumes of hardware to cover much larger areas. ISPs are charged in part through equipment purchases, but also through providing a share of the subscriber revenue. This means less cash outlay to ISPs at the outset, and easily scalable cash flow.

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Mage does not usually sell directly to homeowners. 

However, if you have a group of homeowners or own a farm you’d like Wi-Fi coverage for (or similar property type, such as a campground or acreage)  we can build a private network. We are currently in the process of deploying our network in Alberta. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.


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