Consistent And Reliable

Our technology is designed to deliver quality connection that won't be dropped, no matter where you live.

Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™

We don't cut corners with our bandwidth. You can count on us to deliver consistent Internet however you need it.

Accessible Everywhere

We believe that Internet should be accessible no matter where you live. So we're helping communities around the world get connected.

In traditional tower-based networks, a central tower beams the signal in straight lines (sometimes on three different frequencies.)  If terrain or an object blocks the straight line, there will be a dead spot where the tower cannot “see”.  

As the signal moves further away it loses strength, which decreases the data rate. For example, a data rate of 50 Mbps near the tower degrades as the client gets further away until the data rate dissipates to zero. This results in a poor experience for users at the edge of the tower’s range. 

Our network is a combination of fiber and our own technology, MagiNet™ Therefore, our Internet service isn’t based on a tower or cellular service; we use mesh technology.

There’s no hiding it, the industry has a reputation for charging for speeds that many subscribers won’t come close to. We understand that fast, reliable, high-speed Internet is critical for work, school and fun. So we don’t cut corners on bandwidth. We’re also the only Internet Service Provider that has implemented minimum bandwidth guarantees, including Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth™ and Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™

What is Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™ (GSB™)?

In the unlikely event that everyone is online at the same time, the network will have adequate bandwidth available so that our GSB™ customers will never drop below 7 Mbps.

What is Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth™ (GMB™)?

In the unlikely event that everyone is online at the same time, the network will have adequate bandwidth available so that our GMB™ customers will never drop below 2.5 Mbps.

How does Mage deliver GSB ™ and GMB™?

First, our network is designed so that any single 100 Mbps Data Pipeline will never have more than fourteen (14) customers on it.

Second, if we must add new customers to a pipeline, we can easily increase the overall capacity of the whole network (or a branch of the network) using our concept of New Bandwidth Injection™ (NBI™) to ensure our minimum bandwidth standards are maintained.

(*Our maximum speed is 100 Mbps Download and 100 Mbps Upload when a network is fully constructed.)

Rural communities typically encounter challenges with Internet access simply based on geography. Our mission at Mage Networks is to connect you to Fast, Consistent and Reliable Internet you can count. With our Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth,  you can say good-bye to buffering, whether you’re counting on us to  stream a Video-Conference or catch your favourite shows on Netflix. 

A bad Internet connection can have a negative impact on your business. We offer a Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth – meaning you can Video-Conference from dawn til dusk without issue, download, upload and do whatever you need to do to run your business. 

Parental Controls On WiFi - Build a family-friendly experience online

Mage Networks Internet Parental Control

Kids are exposed to more online now than ever before. Parents should be aware that community WiFi does not restrict any content. But we’re here to share resources that can help you monitor how your children browse the web.

Here are a list of services offering parental controls:

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