Through and around trees, valleys, and difficult terrain – connecting everyone, everywhere to fast, reliable, high-speed Internet.

Meet the
Mage Networks Leadership Team

Dr. Sayed-Amr (Sisso) El-Hamamsy

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Dr. Ahmed Zaki

Co-Founder, Vice President, Engineering

Dr. Mohamed Ammar Al Masri (Ammar)

Manager, Engineering

Fabiano Mazza

Vice President, Operations

Kimberley Corti

Vice President, Sales

Kat Macaulay

Vice President, Marketing

Dr. Robert Schulz


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Mission Statement

Mage Networks opens the doors of opportunity by making Internet universally accessible everywhere. 

For the most part, high-speed Internet in urban areas is easy to access with many options of service providers. However, as you move further away from an urban centre, Internet quality and experience diminishes.

Rural areas, parks and roads are underserved or unserved. But resolving this problem is expensive and slow, as the cost vs. benefit is difficult to justify for many Internet Service Providers. 

We founded Mage Networks because we understood the hardship this lack of Internet causes and we knew we could solve the problem. Our technology, MagiNet™, allows us to custom-design the network to fit the unique needs and challenges of the community we’re building it for. This means that we can connect even the most remote areas to fast, reliable, high-speed Internet.